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Fireworks Displays

These effects are becoming ever more popular at events both locally and internationally.

Fireworks Displays

Fireworks displays create an effect unlike any other. Whether it be a small function or an international rock concert or sporting event, fireworks take the event from great to world class.

We use only the highest quality internationally manufactured fireworks on our shows. From initial planning, production and design right through to setting up and firing the show we will handle it all for you safely and professionally.

Pyromusical Displays

Our highly advanced wireless firing system and access to a wide range of effects allows us to program fireworks displays perfectly in time to music. This creates an unforgettable night that will leave your audience spellbound.


The Safety of our crew and the audience is number one on our list when setting up and firing a fireworks display. It is essential that our clients provide adequate security for us on site so that no members of the public can gain access to our site. Every safety precaution is taking when we set up and shoot fireworks displays.