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Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

The stuff stars are made of.

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

Close proximity pyrotechnics are a similar effect to fireworks but with very low noise and little smoke. These pyrotechnics are designed for outdoor use and can be shot within a close proximity to the audience. They are the perfect end to a sporting event when the winning team lifts the trophy.

Environmentally friendly

These pyrotechnics have a low noise signature of 45dp and produce almost no smoke. They are essentially the “green fireworks” of the future. The tubes they come in are usually cardboard which we recycle once the device has been used.

Zero Debris

These type of pyrotechnics have no fallout making them safe and versatile for almost any outdoor venue or effent. Please contact us should you want more information about our previous shows or if you request specific references.

Close Proximity pyrotechnics to music

Choose your sound track or we will choose one for you and design a spectacular display using close proximity pyrotechnics. These pyrotechnics will literally dance to the music and create a fascinating visual effect for your audience.